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DBF Class

DBF RDD. Usually not used 'stand alone'
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  XSharp.RDD
Assembly:  XSharp.Rdd (in XSharp.Rdd.dll) Version: 2.19
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The DBF type exposes the following members.

Public methodDBF
Initializes a new instance of the DBF class
Public propertyAlias
Retrieve the alias name.
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyArea
Retrieve the Workarea number.
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyBoF
Is the table at the logical beginning-of-file.
(Overrides BoF.)
Public propertyBottom
Is at bottom ?
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyClosed (Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyDeleted
Is the current row deleted?
(Overrides Deleted.)
Public propertyDriver
Driver (RDD) name of the object.
(Overrides Driver.)
Public propertyEoF
Is the table at the logical end-of-file.
(Overrides EoF.)
Public propertyExclusive
Is the Workarea opened Exclusively
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyFieldCount
The # of fields in the current Workarea.
(Overrides FieldCount.)
Public propertyFileName
File name of the main file
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyFilterInfo
Current Filter
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyFilterText
The filter condition as a string.
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyFound (Overrides Found.)
Public propertyHasProperties (Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyHasRelations (Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyIsHot
Is the current row
Public propertyIsNewRecord
Is the current row a new record (the result of Append())
Public propertyMemo
Current memo implementation.
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyOrderCondInfo
Current Order condition
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyProperties (Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyReadOnly
Is the file opened ReadOnly ?
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyRecCount
The number of rows.
(Overrides RecCount.)
Public propertyRecId
The row identifier at the current cursor position.
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyRecNo
The physical row identifier at the current cursor position.
(Overrides RecNo.)
Public propertyRecordBuffer
Current Record
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyShared
Is the current Workarea opened Shared?
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public propertyTop
Is at top?
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public method_getMemoBlockNumber (Overrides _getMemoBlockNumber(Long).)
Public methodAddField
Add a column.
(Overrides AddField(RddFieldInfo).)
Public methodAppend
Append a blank row and position the cursor to the new row.
(Overrides Append(Logic).)
Public methodAppendLock
Add a newly appended row to the list of locked rows.
(Overrides AppendLock(DbLockMode).)
Public methodBlobInfo
Retrieve information about a memo column.
(Overrides BlobInfo(DWord, DWord).)
Public methodChildEnd
Report the initialization of a relation.
(Overrides ChildEnd(DbRelInfo).)
Public methodChildStart
Report the initialization of a relation.
(Overrides ChildStart(DbRelInfo).)
Public methodChildSync
Post a pending relational movement, indicating that the specified child work area has been affected by a parental movement.
(Overrides ChildSync(DbRelInfo).)
Public methodClearFilter
Clear the active filter condition.
(Overrides ClearFilter.)
Public methodClearRel
Clear relations.
(Overrides ClearRel.)
Public methodClearScope
Clear the active locate condition.
(Overrides ClearScope.)
Public methodClose
Close a table.
(Overrides Close.)
Public methodCloseMemFile
Close the memo file
(Overrides CloseMemFile.)
Public methodCompile
Compile an expression.
(Overrides Compile(String).)
Public methodContinue
Goto the next record based on the corrent locate condition.
(Overrides Continue.)
Public methodCreate (Overrides Create(DbOpenInfo).)
Public methodCreateFields
Add columns defined in an array.
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public methodCreateMemFile
Create the memo file
(Overrides CreateMemFile(DbOpenInfo).)
Public methodDbEval
Evaluate a code block for each row.
(Overrides DbEval(DbEvalInfo).)
Public methodDelete
Mark the row at the current cursor position for deletion.
(Overrides Delete.)
Public methodDispose (Inherited from Workarea.)
Public methodDispose(Logic) (Inherited from Workarea.)
Public methodEvalBlock
Evaluate a code block.
(Overrides EvalBlock(ICodeblock).)
Public methodEvalFilter (Overrides EvalFilter(ICodeblock).)
Public methodFieldIndex
Return the ONE based field index for a field name.
(Overrides FieldIndex(String).)
Public methodFieldInfo
Retrieve and optionally change information about a column.
(Overrides FieldInfo(Long, Long, Object).)
Public methodFieldName
Retrieve a column name based on its ONE based column number.
(Overrides FieldName(Long).)
Public methodFlush
Flush the changes to the table, its indexes and memo file.
(Overrides Flush.)
Public methodForceRel
Force all pending relational seeks to be performed.
(Overrides ForceRel.)
Public methodGetField (Inherited from Workarea.)
Public methodGetRec
Retrieve the RDD's record buffer as array of bytes.
(Overrides GetRec.)
Public methodGetScope
Retrieve the active locate condition.
(Overrides GetScope.)
Public methodGetValue
Get a value for the specified column.
(Overrides GetValue(Long).)
Public methodGetValueFile
Get the value for a column and write (export) it to an external file.
(Overrides GetValueFile(Long, String).)
Public methodGetValueLength
Get the length of the for the specified column.
(Overrides GetValueLength(Long).)
Public methodGoBottom
Position the cursor to the last logical row.
(Overrides GoBottom.)
Public methodGoCold
Write the contents of a work area's memory to the data store (usually a disk).
(Overrides GoCold.)
Public methodGoHot
Mark a data buffer as hot, indicating that it needs to be written to the data store.
(Overrides GoHot.)
Public methodGoTo
Position the cursor to a specific, physical row.
(Overrides GoTo(Long).)
Public methodGoToId
Position the cursor to a specific, physical identity.
(Overrides GoToId(Object).)
Public methodGoTop
Position the cursor to the first logical row.
(Overrides GoTop.)
Public methodHeaderLock
Lock or unlock the header of a database file.
(Overrides HeaderLock(DbLockMode).)
Public methodInfo
Retrieve and optionally change information about a work area.
(Overrides Info(Long, Object).)
Public methodLock
Perform a lock.
(Overrides Lock(DbLockInfo).)
Public methodOpen
Open a table.
(Overrides Open(DbOpenInfo).)
Public methodOpenMemFile
Open the memo file
(Overrides OpenMemFile(DbOpenInfo).)
Public methodOrderCondition
Set the condition for the next Index Creation
(Overrides OrderCondition(DbOrderCondInfo).)
Public methodOrderCreate
Create a new index or tag.
(Overrides OrderCreate(DbOrderCreateInfo).)
Public methodOrderDestroy
Delete an index or tag.
(Overrides OrderDestroy(DbOrderInfo).)
Public methodOrderInfo
Retrieve information about an index.
(Overrides OrderInfo(DWord, DbOrderInfo).)
Public methodOrderListAdd
Open an index file and add to the list of open indexes for the current Workarea.
(Overrides OrderListAdd(DbOrderInfo).)
Public methodOrderListDelete
Close an index file and remove it from the list of open indexes for the current Workarea.
(Overrides OrderListDelete(DbOrderInfo).)
Public methodOrderListFocus
Set focus to another index in the list open indexes for the current Workarea.
(Overrides OrderListFocus(DbOrderInfo).)
Public methodOrderListRebuild
Rebuild all indexes for the current Workarea.
(Overrides OrderListRebuild.)
Public methodPack
Physically remove rows marked for deletion.
(Overrides Pack.)
Public methodPutRec
Replace the row at the current cursor position with the contents of a byte array.
(Overrides PutRec(Byte).)
Public methodPutValue
Write a value for a specified column
(Overrides PutValue(Long, Object).)
Public methodPutValueFile
Read (Import) a value from an external file and write it to the specified column.
(Overrides PutValueFile(Long, String).)
Public methodRecall
Remove the deletion marker from the row at the current cursor position.
(Overrides Recall.)
Public methodRecInfo
Retrieve and optionally change information about a row.
(Overrides RecInfo(Long, Object, Object).)
Public methodRefresh
Discard all changes to the current record and reread the buffer from disk. When the current buffer is in Append mode then the server will move to the bottom of the file.
(Overrides Refresh.)
Public methodRelArea
Retrieve the logical number of a related work area.
(Overrides RelArea(DWord).)
Public methodRelEval
Evaluate a code block against the relation in a work area.
(Overrides RelEval(DbRelInfo).)
Public methodRelText
Retrieve the key expression of a relation.
(Overrides RelText(DWord).)
Public methodSeek
Perform a seek operation on the current selected index for the current Workarea.
(Overrides Seek(DbSeekInfo).)
Public methodSetFieldExtent
Set the Number of Fields the AddField Method will add.
(Overrides SetFieldExtent(Long).)
Public methodSetFilter
Set the filter condition.
(Overrides SetFilter(DbFilterInfo).)
Public methodSetRel
Set a relation.
(Overrides SetRel(DbRelInfo).)
Public methodSetScope
Set the locate condition.
(Overrides SetScope(DbScopeInfo).)
Public methodSkip
Position the cursor relative to its current position.
(Overrides Skip(Long).)
Public methodSkipFilter
Position the cursor, respecting scope and filter conditions.
(Overrides SkipFilter(Long).)
Public methodSkipRaw
Position the cursor regardless of scope and filter conditions.
(Overrides SkipRaw(Long).)
Public methodSkipScope
Position the cursor relative to its current position within the current scope.
(Overrides SkipScope(Long).)
Public methodSort
Physically reorder a table.
(Overrides Sort(DbSortInfo).)
Public methodSyncChildren
Force relational movement in child work areas to synchronize them with the parent work area.
(Overrides SyncChildren.)
Public methodTrans
Copy one or more rows from one work area to another.
(Overrides Trans(DbTransInfo).)
Public methodTransRec
Copy a single row from one work area to another.
(Overrides TransRec(DbTransInfo).)
Public methodUnLock
Release locks.
(Overrides UnLock(Object).)
Public methodZap
Physically remove all rows from a table.
(Overrides Zap.)
Public field_Fields
List of Fields
(Inherited from Workarea.)
Public fieldRLHitCount
Public fieldRLMissCount
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