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RddInfo Enumeration

This enum specifies the various values that the RDDInfo method for the IRDD interface accepts.

Namespace:  XSharp.RDD.Enums
Assembly:  XSharp.Core (in XSharp.Core.dll) Version: 2.19
 enum RddInfo
  Member nameValueDescription
RDDI_ISDBF1Does this RDD support DBFs?
RDDI_CANPUTREC2Can this RDD Put Records?
RDDI_DELIMITER3The field delimiter (as a string)
RDDI_SEPARATOR4The record separator (as a string)
RDDI_TABLEEXT5Default data file's file extension
RDDI_MEMOEXT6Default memo file's file extension
RDDI_ORDBAGEXT7Default multi tag index's file extension
RDDI_ORDEREXT8default single tag index's file extension
RDDI_ORDSTRUCTEXT9default single tag index's file extension
RDDI_LOCAL10Local file access?
RDDI_REMOTE11Remote table access?
RDDI_CONNECTION12Get/Set default connection
RDDI_TABLETYPE13Type of table file
RDDI_LARGEFILE15Is large file size (>=4GB) supported
RDDI_LOCKSCHEME16Locking scheme used by RDD
RDDI_RECORDMAP17Does RDD support record map functionality?
RDDI_ENCRYPTION18Does RDD support encryption
RDDI_TRIGGER19Get/Set default trigger function
RDDI_AUTOLOCK20automatic locking on update
RDDI_STRUCTORD21Are structural indexes supported
RDDI_STRICTREAD22Flag for avoiding RDD hierarchy and using a bigger buffer when indexing
RDDI_STRICTSTRUCT23Flag for strict structural order checking
RDDI_OPTIMIZE24Flag for whether to use query optimization
RDDI_FORCEOPT25Flag for forcing linear optimization
RDDI_AUTOOPEN26Flag for automatically opening structural indexes
RDDI_AUTOORDER27When a structural index is opened, the order to be set
RDDI_AUTOSHARE28When a network is detected, open the index shared, otherwise open exclusively
RDDI_MULTITAG29Does RDD support multi tag in index file
RDDI_SORTRECNO30Is record number part of key in sorting
RDDI_MULTIKEY31Does custom orders support repeated keys?
RDDI_MEMOBLOCKSIZE32Memo File's block size
RDDI_MEMOVERSION33sub version of memo file
RDDI_MEMOGCTYPE34type of garbage collector used by GC
RDDI_MEMOREADLOCK35use read lock in memo file access
RDDI_MEMOREUSE36reuse free space on write
RDDI_BLOB_SUPPORT37can support BLOB files directly
RDDI_PENDINGTRIGGER40set pending trigger for next open operation
RDDI_PENDINGPASSWORD41set pending password for next open operation
RDDI_PASSWORD42Get/Set default password
RDDI_LOCKRETRY43Get/Set record and file lock timeout value
RDDI_DIRTYREAD44Get/Set index dirty read flag
RDDI_INDEXPAGESIZE45Get/Set default index page size
RDDI_DECIMALS46Get/Set default number of decimal places for numeric fields if it's undefined
RDDI_SETHEADER47DBF header updating modes
RDDI_CONNECT61connect to database
RDDI_DISCONNECT62disconnect from database
RDDI_EXECUTE63execute SQL statement
RDDI_ERROR64error number
RDDI_ERRORNO65error description
RDDI_INSERTID66last auto insert ID
RDDI_AFFECTEDROWS67number of affected rows after UPDATE
RDDI_QUERY68last executed query
Most of these ENUMs come from Harbour and have not been implemented yet.
Tip Tip
These enums are also available as DEFINES and can therefore also be used without the "RDDInfo." prefix.
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