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XDocument Class

Helper class that is used by the XML functions
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  XSharp.XPP
Assembly:  XSharp.XPP (in XSharp.XPP.dll) Version: 2.9
 CLASS XDocument
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The XDocument type exposes the following members.

Public methodXDocument
Initializes a new instance of the XDocument class
Public methodStatic memberAsXmlArray
Return the children of a node as a XPP specific XML array
Public methodClearActions
Clear all actions on a document
Public methodStatic memberClearAllErrors
Clear all errors
Public methodClose
CLose an opened XML document
Public methodStatic memberCloseAllDocuments
Close all open document
Public methodStatic memberFindAllChildTags
Public methodStatic memberFindChildTag
Find a child tag in an XML Node
Public methodStatic memberFindError
Find error by ID
Public methodStatic memberFindFirstChildTag
Find a child tag in an XML Node
Public methodStatic memberFindParent
Get ID for the parent of an XML node
Public methodStatic memberFindTag
Get a list of the tags in an XML Node
Public methodStatic memberGetDocument
Find an open XDocument object by its unique handle
Public methodStatic memberGetErrors
Get list of all errors
Public methodStatic memberGetErrorsForDocument
Get error for a specific document
Public methodStatic memberInitialize
Initialize the static variables
Public methodStatic memberNewHandle
Allocate new XDocument handle
Public methodOpenFile
Open an XML File
Public methodOpenText
Open a XML document from a string
Public methodPerformActions
Perform actions on an XML node.
Public methodProcess
Process an opened XML document
Public methodProcessNodes
Loop through all the actions and process each node that matches the actions
Public methodStatic memberRegisterError
Public methodSelectNodes
Select Nodes via XPath selection
Public methodSetAction
Set an action on a XML node
Public methodWalkNode
Walk all nodes and add them to the collections on the document class
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