SetBandHeader SEToolBar

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SetBandHeader SEToolBar

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Sets a header for a rebar band.

The band header is the area between the edge of the band and the edge of the child window.

This is the area where band text and images are displayed, if they are specified.



METHOD SetBandHeader(uBand, cText, iImageIndex, nWidth, oForeColor) CLASS SEToolBar




The symbolic name of the band or the numeric band index - the index base is 1.


The band text.


Index of any image that should be displayed in the band. The image list is set using the BandImageList assign.


Width of the band's header, in pixels.  If this value is specified, it will override the normal header dimensions that the control calculates for the band.


The foreground color of the band. This color is used for the header text. It can be specified by a color object or by a DWORD RGB value.



TRUE, if the header properties where set successfully, otherwise FALSE.