Connection Editor

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Connection Editor

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The Connection editor allows you edit and save connection properties.


Below is a picture of the properties that can be changed:





Some comments on the controls on this editor screen:        





Name of the connection. This will be the classname for the generated sourcecode and also the entity name of the Connection in the repository

Callback Class

Classname for the Connection Callback class. This will only be used when you are operating in RDD mode.


The Connection String that you need to connect to the data source. You may build this using the Build option from the menu, or using the Build button on the Toolbar


The user id to connect to the database. This will only be saved in the generated sourcecode if you select the 'Save User Info' checkbox.



The password to connect to the database. This will only be saved in the generated sourcecode if you select the 'Save User Info' checkbox.


You can select the cursor location here. This is one of:




If you select this option, no source code will be generated. The system will only generate the binary entities that you could use to perform autolayout in the Window Editor


Timeout value when connecting to the data source

Make default connection

When you select this option, the current connection will be used as the Default connection in the generated sourcecode.

Save User name/Password

When you select this option, Usernames and passwords will be saved in the generated source

Code template

Here can select the template that is used for code generation. For more info look at the templates section of this helpfile.


Some remarks on what you can edit on this screen:

Code generation is template driven. See the topic templates for more information.

You always need to add a connection entity, before you can start adding Server entities

When running in Class mode the class name of the generated source is equal to the entity name

When running in RDD mode the editor will only merge the source code of different connections into each other, if you don't change the source code too much.

When running In RDD mode you must specify the callback class name.