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Brieve File formats

Unlike DBF files, Btrieve tables have no built-in file structure. Thus it is necessary that you pass the file structure when opening tables. VO2Btrieve supports 3 ways to use the structure:

Stored in the application and passed as an argument to the server class  when opening the file (BtServer Class)

Stored in DDF files. This is a very commonly used technique to store field (& index) definitions in external files (BtDDFServer Class)

Stored in .RQB files. The Clipper Add-On library Rasql/B has introduced a way of defining btrieve table structures using an external .RQB file. (BtRQBServer class)


Who should use VO2Btrieve ?

VO2Btrieve is invaluable for Visual Objects developers that have to read/write data stored in Btrieve tables, and is an fast alternative for using ODBC. Our clients have reported that VO2Btrieve is 5 to 10 times faster than ODBC.



To use VO2Btrieve you need to have:

A computer with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP

CA-Visual Objects 2.0b-4 or higher. The current release of VO2Btrieve is for CA-Visual Objects 2.6

An installed version of the Btrieve Microkernel engine version 6.15 for Windows 95/NT or higher


Btrieve Licensing:

In order to distribute applications you develop that use the Btrieve Microkernel engine, you will need to obtain a license from Pervasive Software (formally Btrieve Technologies). To do so. Contact Pervasive Software to obtain the latest licensing information.

They can be reached at:

Pervasive Software, Inc.

8834 Capitol of Texas Highway North

Suite 300

Austin, TX 78759 USA


Fax (512) 794-1778