Getting Started

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Getting Started

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Welcome to VO2Btrieve


VO2Btrieve is a Visual Objects Class Library that gives VO developers an efficient and easy to use interface to  Btrieve tables.


Btrieve is a very popular file system used worldwide in a lot of applications, such as accounting systems. It has been in use from the early DOS ages, and is still being used by a lot of larger software development companies,

because it is a stable and very fast way to access data in a network environment.

It is also the data engine behind Pervasive SQL a relational database from Pervasive Software


VO2Btrieve has a high level DbServer compatible DataServer class (BtServer)  that allows VO developers to use the data from Btrieve tables  in combination with the VO DataWindow and Databrowser classes. It also includes a strongly typed and very fast BtTable class that talks directly to the Btrieve engine, using Btrieve API calls.








About this Helpfile

All of the classes and functions from VO2Btrieve start with the BT or _Bt prefix.

Functions that start with _Bt are 'internal' and are usually not needed for day to day operations.

Functions that start with Bt are the regular support functions that you might need.



When you need support for using VO2Btrieve you can get that through the following ways:

Get in contact with your dealer

Send an e-mail message to

Post a message in the Usenet newsgroup comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects


Updates and patches

For new updates and patches look at:



VO2Btrieve and the VO2Btrieve documentation are a product of:

 Solution Application Software B.V..  

 PO BOX 104,

 8160 AC  EPE,

 The Netherlands,