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DaoRecordset:FindPrevious() Method

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Locate the previous record that satisfies the criteria



cCriteriaA string expression (like the WHERE clause in an SQL statement without the word WHERE) used to locate the record






Always check the value of the NoMatch property to determine whether the Find operation has succeeded. If the search succeeds, NoMatch is False. If it fails, NoMatch is True and the current record isn't defined. In this case, you must position the current record pointer back to a valid record.



For best performance, the cCriteria should be in either the form "field = value" where field is an indexed field in the underlying base table, or "field LIKE prefix" where field is an indexed field in the underlying base table and prefix is a prefix search string (for example, "ART*").
In general, for equivalent types of searches, the Seek method provides better performance than the Find methods. This assumes that table-type Recordset objects alone can satisfy your needs.