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DaoDatabase:CollatingOrder Access

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A string value that specifies the language used for sorting and comparisons



Constant        Sort order        

dbSortGeneral        General (English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Modern Spanish)        

dbSortArabic        Arabic        

dbSortChineseSimplified        Simplified Chinese        

dbSortChineseTraditional        Traditional Chinese        

dbSortCyrillic        Russian        

dbSortCzech        Czech        

dbSortDutch        Dutch        

dbSortGreek        Greek        

dbSortHebrew        hebrew        

dbSortHungarian        Hungarian        

dbSortIcelandic        Icelandic        

dbSortJapanese        Japanese        

dbSortKorean        Korean        

dbSortNeutral        Neutral        

dbSortNorwDan        Norwegian or Danish        

dbSortPDXIntl        Paradox International        

dbSortPDXNor        Paradox Norwegian or Danish        

dbSortPDXSwe        Paradox Swedish or Finnish        

dbSortPolish        Polish        

dbSortSlovenian        Slovenian        

dbSortSpanish        Spanish        

dbSortSwedFin        Swedish or Finnish        

dbSortThai        Thai        

dbSortTurkish        Turkish        

dbSortUndefined        Undefined or unknown        






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