AdoRecord Class

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AdoRecord Class

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A row or an file/directory object






Init()Create Object of type AdoRecord



ActiveConnectionThe Connection object the Record object currently belongs to
FieldsFields Collection
ModeThe available permissions for modifying data in the Record object
ParentURLA String value that indicates the URL of the parent Record
RecordTypeThe type of Record object.
SourceThe data source or object represented by the Record.
StateIs the object open or closed.



Cancel()Cancels execution of a pending, asynchronous CopyRecord, DeleteRecord, MoveRecord or Open call.
Close()Closes an open Record and any dependent objects
CopyRecord()Copies a entity represented by a Record to another location.
DeleteRecord()Deletes a the entity represented by a Record.
GetChildren()Returns a Recordset whose rows represent the children of a collection Record
MoveRecord()Moves a entity represented by a Record to another location.
Open()Opens an existing Record object, or creates a new item .




Represents a row from a Recordset or the data provider, or an object returned by a semi-structured data provider, such as a file or directory.


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