AdoStream Class

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AdoStream Class

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Represents a stream of binary data or text.



CLASS AdoStream INHERIT AdoObject



Init()        Create Object of type AdoStream



CharSet        The character set into which the contents of a text Stream should be translated.

EOS        Indicates whether the current position is at the end of the stream.

LineSeparator        Specifies the character used as a line separator in text Stream objects.

Mode        The available permissions for modifying data

Position        Indicates the current position within a Stream object.

Size        The size of the stream in number of bytes.

State        Is the object open or closed.

Typethe type of data contained in the Stream (binary or text).




Cancel()Cancels execution of a pending, asynchronous Open call.
Close()Closes an open Record and any dependent objects
CopyTo()Copies the specified number of characters or bytes (depending on Type) in the Stream to another Stream object
Flush()Forces the contents of the Stream remaining in the ADO buffer to the underlying object
LoadFromFile()Loads the contents of an existing file into a Stream.
Open()Opens a Stream object to manipulate streams of binary or text data
Read()Reads a specified number of bytes from a binary Stream object.
ReadText()Reads specified number of characters from a text Stream object.
SaveToFile()Saves the binary contents of a Stream to a file.
SetEos()Sets the position that is the end of the stream.
SkipLine()Skips one entire line when reading a text stream.
Write()Writes binary data to a Stream object.
WriteText()Writes a specified text string to a Stream object.



In tree-structured hierarchies such as a file system or an e-mail system, a Record may have a default binary stream of bits associated with it that contains the contents of the file or the e-mail. A Stream object can be used to manipulate fields or records containing these streams of data.


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