Getting Started with Xs2Ado (which used to be called Vn2Ado)

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Getting Started with Xs2Ado (which used to be called Vn2Ado)

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Welcome to Xs2Ado !


Xs2Ado is a X# Class Library that gives  developers an efficient and

easy to use interface to 'tradition' ADO and OleDb datasources.


The Class library includes a set of early  bound OLE classes that talk directly through OLEDB.

It also has a higher level DbServer compatible DataServer class that allows X# developers to

OleDb datasources in combination with the X# Compatible DataWindow and Databrowser classes.


Xs2Ado uses Microsofts Active Data Objects technology (ADO), a rich hierarchy of OLE classes

that Microsoft supplies for interfacing with OleDb Datasources on 32-bit platforms.

Xs2Ado is the logical successor from Vo2Ado and Vn2Ado.

Read the following topics for more information about migrating:

Differences between Vo2Ado to Xs2Ado

Converting from Vo2Ado to Xs2Ado




Version 5.0.5


Before using Xs2Ado, you must ensure that a copy of ADO (version 2.8 or higher) is installed on your computer.




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