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DataServer.NoIVarGet Method

Provide a general error interception that is automatically called (in any class) whenever an access reference is made to a non-existent exported instance variable.  In the DataServer class, it is used to implement the virtual field variable.
Important!  NoIVarGet() should not be called directly; it is called by the system for handling invalid references.

Namespace:  VO
Assembly:  VOSystemClasses (in VOSystemClasses.dll) Version: 2.7
	symFieldName AS USUAL := NIL
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symFieldName (Optional)
Type: Usual
The symbolic name of the variable that was referenced.  In the standard usage of the method with the DataServer class, this is a field name.

Return Value

Type: Usual
For DataServer, this method is used to intercept references to field names as exported variables, which ordinarily would not be allowed.  If the field name is valid, it calls DataServer:FieldGet() for the corresponding field name, in effect turning database fields into access methods of each DBServer object.  See "Objects, Classes, and Methods" in the Programmer's Guide for more information on NoIVarGet().
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