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DialogWindow.EditFocusChange Method (Typed)

Provide a method that is invoked when the input focus changes to or from an edit control.

Namespace:  XSharp.VO.SDK
Assembly:  XSharp.VOGUIClasses (in XSharp.VOGUIClasses.dll) Version: 2.19
 VIRTUAL METHOD EditFocusChange(
	oEditFocusChangeEvent AS EditFocusChangeEvent
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Type: EditFocusChangeEvent
The EditFocusChangeEvent object that identifies which edit control generated the EditFocusChangeEvent object and whether it has just gained or lost the keyboard focus.

Return Value

Type: Usual
Tip Tip
Important! This is a callback method used by X#. Normally, it should not be called in your application code.
If DialogWindow:EditFocusChange() is used to validate an edit control (and also return the focus to it if invalid), Control:SetFocus() should not be called until another control has received the focus. In complex dialog windows that contain many edit controls, it makes sense to grab the edit control's text when the focus is changing so that other controls can be updated with it if necessary.
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