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Window.PreInit Method (Typed)

Implement customized initialization code for the window.

Namespace:  XSharp.VO.SDK
Assembly:  XSharp.VOGUIClasses (in XSharp.VOGUIClasses.dll) Version: 2.19
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Return Value

Type: Usual
This method is used to customize the initialization code for a window. The customized initialization code will not be overridden by the Window Editor's default initialization code. A call to PreInit() is automatically generated at the beginning of the Init() method. You can customize the code generation by changing the [PreInitCall] and [PreInit] sections in your CAVOWED.TPL file. Note that only class variables are accessible in the PreInit() method, no window controls are visible until the PostInit() method itself is called.
The default implementation of PostInit() in this class is empty.
Tip Tip
In .Net it is normally not allowed or recommended to run code in a class before the parent constructor is called. The generated code in the Window editor does this (it calls PreInit before the SUPER() call). We advise you to be very careful not to touch protected instance variables inherited from parent classes, since these may not be initialized and/or values that you assign to them may be overwritten in the constructor of the parent class.
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