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DbfDateColumn Methods


The DbfDateColumn type exposes the following members.

Public methodBlankValue
Return the blank (non null) value of the column.
(Inherited from RddFieldInfo.)
Public methodClone
Clone a RddFieldInfo object.
(Inherited from RddFieldInfo.)
Public methodCopyValues
Copy values from one object to another.
(Inherited from RddFieldInfo.)
Public methodEmptyValue
Get the default "empty" value, as you would get at EOF
(Overrides EmptyValue.)
Public methodGetValue
Get the value from the buffer
(Overrides GetValue(Byte).)
Public methodHandleNullValue
Handle NULL values.
(Inherited from DbfColumn.)
Public methodInitValue
Initialize the buffer used for appends. Gets called once when a DBF is opened.
(Inherited from DbfColumn.)
Public methodNewRecord
Update the buffer after appending. For example for AutoIncrement or TimeStamp columns.
(Inherited from DbfColumn.)
Public methodPutValue
Write the value to the buffer
(Overrides PutValue(Object, Byte).)
Public methodSameType
Check if two fields match in type, length and decimals.
(Inherited from RddFieldInfo.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from RddFieldInfo.)
Public methodValidate
Validate combinations of type, length and decimals.
(Inherited from RddFieldInfo.)
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