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RddFieldInfo Class

Helper class for the RDD system to store field information
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  XSharp.RDD.Support
Assembly:  XSharp.Core (in XSharp.Core.dll) Version: 2.18
 CLASS RddFieldInfo
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The RddFieldInfo type exposes the following members.

Public methodRddFieldInfo(RddFieldInfo)
Construct a RddFieldInfo object.
Public methodRddFieldInfo(String, String, Long, Long, Long)
Construct a RddFieldInfo object.
Public methodRddFieldInfo(String, DbFieldType, Long, Long, Long, DBFFieldFlags)
Construct a RddFieldInfo object.
Public propertyCanSort
Can the field be sorted?
Public propertyCaption
Public propertyColumnName
Public propertyDescription
Public propertyFieldTypeStr
Field type as 1 character string.
Public propertyFormat
Public propertyHasProperties
Public propertyInputMask
Public propertyIsAutoIncrement
Is it an autoincrement ?
Public propertyIsBinary
Is it binary ?
Public propertyIsCompressed
Is it a compressed field (not implemented yet) ?
Public propertyIsEncrypted
Is it an encryped field (not implemented yet)?
Public propertyIsMemo
Is it a memo ?
Public propertyIsNullable
Is it nullable ?
Public propertyIsStandard
Is it a standard Dbase 3 field (CDLMN) ?
Public propertyIsUnicode
Is it a unicode text ?
Public propertyIsVarLength
Is it a variable length field ?
Public propertyIsVfp
Is it a VFP extended field ?
Public propertyProperties
Dynamic list of optional properties, such as Caption, Description.
Public methodBlankValue
Return the blank (non null) value of the column.
Public methodClone
Clone a RddFieldInfo object.
Public methodCopyValues
Copy values from one object to another.
Public methodSameType
Check if two fields match in type, length and decimals.
Public methodToString (Overrides ToString.)
Public methodValidate
Validate combinations of type, length and decimals.
Public fieldAlias
Alternative name, no length limit. This is the Caption for VFP fields
Public fieldDecimals
Decimal positions
Public fieldFieldType
Field Type
Public fieldFlags
Flags, such as Nullable, AutoIncrement, Binary etc.
Public fieldLength
Physical length in the table
Public fieldName
Name, normally max 10 characters
Public fieldOffset
Offset in the record buffer for DBF fields.
Public fieldOrdinal
1 based Ordinal position in the RDD.
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