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RddFieldInfo Properties


The RddFieldInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCanSort
Can the field be sorted?
Public propertyCaption
Public propertyColumnName
Public propertyDefaultValue
Public propertyDescription
Public propertyFieldTypeFlags
Public propertyFieldTypeStr
Field type as 1 character string.
Public propertyFormat
Public propertyHasProperties
Public propertyInputMask
Public propertyIsAutoIncrement
Is it an autoincrement ?
Public propertyIsBinary
Is it binary ?
Public propertyIsCompressed
Is it a compressed field (not implemented yet) ?
Public propertyIsEncrypted
Is it an encryped field (not implemented yet)?
Public propertyIsMemo
Is it a memo ?
Public propertyIsNullable
Is it nullable ?
Public propertyIsStandard
Is it a standard Dbase 3 field (CDLMN) ?
Public propertyIsUnicode
Is it a unicode text ?
Public propertyIsUnique
Public propertyIsVarLength
Is it a variable length field ?
Public propertyIsVfp
Is it a VFP extended field ?
Public propertyPrimaryKey
Public propertyProperties
Dynamic list of optional properties, such as Caption, Description.
Public propertyRuleExpression
Public propertyRuleText
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