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Clipboard Methods (Typed)


The Clipboard type exposes the following members.

Public methodClear
Clear the contents of the clipboard.
Public methodDestroy
Free memory resources allocated for a VObject object and its derived objects.
(Inherited from VObject.)
Public methodGetItemSize
Retrieve the size of the item in the clipboard, specifying either a string or a bitmap object.
Public methodInsert
Insert text or a bitmap into the clipboard.
Public methodInsertRTF
Insert an RTF string into the clipboard.
Public methodRetrieveBitmap
Retrieves a Bitmap object from the clipboard.
Public methodRetrieveFiles
Retrieves an array of file names.
Public methodRetrieveRTF
Retrieve an RTF string from the clipboard.
Public methodRetrieveString
Retrieves a string from the clipboard.
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