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IVOControlInitialize Methods (Typed)


The IVOControlInitialize type exposes the following members.

Public methodBringToFront (Inherited from IVOControl.)
Public methodFocus (Inherited from IVOControl.)
Public methodInitialize
Public methodInvalidate (Inherited from IVOControl.)
Public methodPerformLayout (Inherited from IVOUIObject.)
Public methodResumeLayout (Inherited from IVOUIObject.)
Public methodResumeLayout(Logic) (Inherited from IVOUIObject.)
Public methodSendToBack (Inherited from IVOControl.)
Public methodSetOwner
This method is called to link the Windows.Forms control to the X# Control
(Inherited from IVOControlProperties.)
Public methodSetVisualStyle
This method is used to change the Visual Style of the control to match with the definition of the original X# control
(Inherited from IVOControlProperties.)
Public methodShow (Inherited from IVOControl.)
Public methodSuspendLayout (Inherited from IVOUIObject.)
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