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ImageList Methods (Typed)


The ImageList type exposes the following members.

Public methodAdd
Add an icon or bitmap to the image list.
Public methodAddMask
Adds an image or images to an image list and generates a mask from the specified bitmap.
Public methodBeginDrag
Begin a drag operation on an image list.
Public methodCreateOverlayImage
Create an overlay image from an image in an image list.
Public methodDestroy
Free memory resources allocated for a VObject object and its derived objects.
(Inherited from VObject.)
Public methodDragEnter
Starts a drag-and-drop operation at the given position in the given window.
Public methodDragLeave
Ends a drag-and-drop operation.
Public methodDragMove
Drag an image list to the specified position.
Public methodEndDrag
End a drag operation on an image list.
Public methodHandle
Return the Windows handle of the image list, which can be used in Windows.
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