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IpcClient Methods (Typed)


The IpcClient type exposes the following members.

Public methodChangeData
Tell the remote server that some data value has changed. This results in the server receiving an IpcDataUpdateEvent. It is then the responsibility of the server to update itself.
Public methodCode exampleClientError
Handle ClientErrorEvent, if one occurs. Provide this event handler in your derived IpcClient class if you require special handling of errors.
Public methodDataUpdate
Called whenever the requested data changes. It is invoked after the IpcServer calls its UpdateTopic() method.
Public methodDestroy
Provide a method to de-instantiate an IpcClient object.
(Overrides Destroy.)
Public methodDispatch
Public methodExecute
Send a message to the server telling it to execute the command string remotely. As a result of this call, the server receives an IpcExecuteRequestEvent.
Public methodOverride
This is a compatibility method that is no longer used or needed.
(Inherited from EventContext.)
Public methodRequestData
Request updates on a particular topic from the server.
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