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StandardFileDialog Methods (Typed)


The StandardFileDialog type exposes the following members.

Public methodDestroy
Free memory resources allocated for a VObject object and its derived objects.
(Overrides Destroy.)
Public methodDispatch
Intercept messages normally handled by the dialog box procedure in COMMDLG.DLL. Override this method to add your own custom processing.
Public methodHelp
Provide a means of displaying help when the HELP button is pressed. The HELP push button will be displayed if the SetStyle(OFN_SHOWHELP) message has been sent to the dialog object.
Public methodHelpRequest
Public methodPostInit
Public methodCode exampleSetFilter
Set single or multiple filters and descriptions for the standard dialogs. If multiple filters are specified, a filter index may also be specified.
Public methodCode exampleSetStyle
Set the style for the dialog window.
Public methodSetStyleEx
Set the Exstyle for the dialog window.
Public methodShow
Display a standard file dialog box. To retrieve the value that the user selected, use the StandardFileDialog:FileName property.
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