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TextControl Properties (Typed)


The TextControl type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBackground
The brush used for painting the background of the control. For example, in a single line edit control, the background is the color behind the text in the edit control.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCaption
The string representing the caption of the text control.
(Overrides Caption.)
Public propertyContextMenu
A menu object representing the local pop-up menu for a control.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyControlFont
The font used to draw the text in the control.
Public propertyControlID
A number between 1 and 8000 representing the unique ID of a control
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyControlType (Overrides ControlType.)
Public propertyCurrentText
A string representing the text currently displayed in a text control. For edit controls, including the edit box associated with simple and drop-down combo boxes, it contains the text currently appearing in the edit box. For fixed icon and group box controls, TextControl:CurrentText contains NULL_STRING.
Public propertyEventReturnValue (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyFieldSpec (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHasFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHyperLabel
The hyperlabel connected to the control.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsHidden (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyLength
A numeric value representing the number of characters in the control.
Public propertyModified
A logical value that is set to TRUE when a standard edit control or editable combo box is in the process of being modified.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyName
A string representing the name of the control.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyNameSym
A symbol representing the name of the control.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyOrigin
A point representing the location of a control on its owner window, in canvas coordinates.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyOwner
The owner window of a control.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyOwnerAlignment
Constant representing how the window will be aligned within its owner window.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyParent (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyReadOnly
Is the control readonly ?
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyServer
The server object that currently connected to this control. If no server is connected, the value is NIL.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySize
A dimension representing the size of a control.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyStatus
A hyperlabel indicating the status of the control after a validation attempt or other action.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySWFControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTextColor
The color used to draw the text in the control. (Refer to the Color:Init() method for details on specifying a color object.)
Public propertyTextValue
A string representing the value held in the control.
(Overrides TextValue.)
Public propertyToolTipText
String value representing the tooltip text used when the user moves the mouse pointer over the control.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyUseHLForToolTip
Logical value determining whether the descriptive text of a control's Hyperlabel should be used as the tooltip text.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCode exampleValue
The value held in the control, in whatever data type the control holds.
(Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyValueChanged (Inherited from Control.)
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