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Window Properties (Typed)


The Window type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAccelerator
The accelerator table associated with this window.
Public propertyAutomated
A logical value determining whether the window object is to be exposed as an OLE automation server. This is a convenient shortcut for the RegisterOLEAutomationObject() function. When the window is destroyed, the UnRegisterOLEAutomationObject() is automatically called.
Public propertyBackground
The background brush currently in use by this window.
Public propertyCanvasArea
The bounding box representing the current size of this window's canvas area.
Public propertyCaption
The string representing the caption (the text in the title bar of this window). This method can also be used to change the title of this window.
Public propertyContextMenu
A menu object representing the local pop-up menu for a window or window control.
Public propertyEventReturnValue
Public propertyFont
The font currently used by this window. This font is used by the TextObject:TextPrint() method.
Public propertyForeground
The foreground brush currently in use by this window.
Public propertyCode exampleHelpDisplay
The help display object currently used by this window. This help display object provides a connection between the help file to be displayed and this window.
Public propertyHyperLabel
The hyperlabel connected to this window.
Public propertyIcon
The large icon object used for this window.
Public propertyIconSm
The small icon object used for this window.
Public propertyIsClosing
Public propertyMenu
The menu currently in use by this window.
Public propertyMinSize
The minimum size for the window
Public propertyNameSym
Public propertyCode exampleOrigin
The point representing the new location of this window, in the canvas coordinates of its owner.
Public propertyOwner
The owner of the window, either a Window or App object.
Public propertyOwnerAlignment
The Owner Alignment value for the window, which is used when the window is a subwindow on another window.
Public propertyPen
The pen assigned to the window and used in subsequent line and rectangle drawing operations; it should not be deleted while it is the current selection.
Public propertyPointer
The pointer used by the window to represent the mouse when it enters the window.
Public propertyResourceDialog
Public propertyCode exampleSize
The dimension representing the size of this window.
Public propertyTextColor
Uses a pen object and builds a pen in this window.
Public propertyToolBar
The toolbar in use by the window.
Public propertyTopMost
Public propertyWindowArea
The bounding box representing the minimal area which encloses the entire window (canvas area and non-canvas area), in canvas coordinates.
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