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DatabasePropertyType Enumeration

Enum that matches the various FoxPro database properties, used in DbGetProp() and DbSetProp()

Namespace:  XSharp.RDD
Assembly:  XSharp.Core (in XSharp.Core.dll) Version: 2.19
 enum DatabasePropertyType
  Member nameValueDescription
Null0Null (Internal)
Path1The relative path with respect to the DBC to the table including the name of the file.
Class2Class (Internal)
Unknown_33Not defined
Unknown_44Not defined
Unknown_55Not defined
Unknown_66Not defined
Comment7The text of the field comment. (C)
Unknown_88Not defined
RuleExpression9The rule expression. (C)
RuleText10The row rule error text.(C)
DefaultValue11The field default value.(C)
ParameterList12The WHERE clause parameters. The format for the parameters is ''ParameterName1, 'Type1'; ParameterName2, 'Type2'; ...''
RelatedChild13ChildTag for a Relation Object
InsertTrigger14The Insert trigger expression.
UpdateTrigger15The Update trigger expression.
DeleteTrigger16The Delete trigger expression.
IsUnique17The IsUnique flag for an Index Object
RelatedTable18Related table for a Relation Object
RelatedTag19Related tag for a Relatin Object
PrimaryKey20The tag name of the primary key. (C)
Unknown_2121Not defined
Unknown_2222Not defined
Unknown_2323Not defined
Version24The database version number. (N)
Unknown_2525Not defined
Unknown_2626Not defined
Unknown_2727Not defined
BatchUpdateCount28The number of update statements sent to the back end for views. 1 is the default. Adjusting this value can greatly increase update performance. (N)
DataSource29The name of the data source as defined in the Odbc.ini file.
Unknown_3030Not defined
Unknown_3131Not defined
ConnectName32The named connection used when the view is opened. (C)
Unknown_3333Not defined
Unknown_3434Not defined
UpdateName35The name of the field used when data in the field is updated to the remote table. By default, the remote table field name.Read/write.
FetchMemo36Contains true (.T.) (default) if memo and general fields are fetched with the view results; otherwise, contains false (.F.).
FetchSize37Contains the number of records fetched at a time from the remote tables. The default is 100 records. Setting FetchSize to –1 retrieves the complete result set, limited by the MaxRecords setting
KeyField38Contains True (.T.) if the field is specified in an index key expression; otherwise, contains False (.F.). (L)
MaxRecords39The maximum number of records fetched when result sets are returned. (N) The default is – 1 (all rows are returned). A value of 0 specifies that the view is executed but no results are fetched.
ShareConnection40Contains true (.T.) if the view can share its connection handle with other connections; otherwise, contains false (.F.).
SourceType41The view source. (N) SourceType may assume the following values: 1 - The view uses local tables.2 - The view uses remote tables.
SQL42The SQL statement executed when the view is opened.(C)
Tables43A comma-delimited list of the names of the tables.(C)
SendUpdates44Contains true (.T.) if a SQL update query is sent to update remote tables; otherwise, contains false (.F.) (default).
Updatable45Contains True (.T.) if the field can be updated; otherwise, contains False (.F.).
UpdateType46The update type. Valid values are: 1 or DB_UPDATE (from Foxpro.h). The old data is updated with the new data (default). 2 or DB_DELETEINSERT (from Foxpro.h). The old data is deleted and the new data is inserted.
UseMemoSize47The minimum size (in bytes) for which result columns are returned in memo fields. For example, if the width of a column result is greater than the value of UseMemoSize, the column result is stored in a memo field. UseMemoSize may vary from 1 to 255; the default value is 255.
WhereType48The WHERE clause for updates to remote tables.WhereType may assume the following values: 1 or DB_KEY , 2 or DB_KEYANDUPDATABLE, 3 or DB_KEYANDMODIFIED and 4 or DB_KEYANDTIMESTAMP
Unknown_4949Not defined
DisplayClass50Name of the class used for field mapping. (C)
DisplayClassLibrary51Path to the class library specified with the DisplayClass property.(C)
Unknown_5252Not defined
Unknown_5353Not defined
InputMask54The field input format. (C) .Read/write.
Format55The field display format. (C) .Read/write.
Caption56The field caption. (C) If an equal sign (=) precedes the value of this property, Visual FoxPro evaluates the value as an expression. Otherwise, it is treated as a string literal.Read/write. FIELD
Unknown_5757Not defined
Unknown_5858Not defined
Unknown_5959Not defined
Unknown_6060Not defined
Unknown_6161Not defined
Unknown_6262Not defined
Unknown_6363Not defined
Asynchronous64The connection mode. (Default) False (.F.) specifies a synchronous connection. True (.T.) specifies an asynchronous connection.Read/write.
BatchMode65The batch-processing mode. (Default) True (.T.) specifies the connection that operates in batch mode.
ConnectString66The login connection string.
ConnectTimeout67The connection timeout interval in seconds. The default is 0 (wait indefinitely).
DispLogin68Contains a numeric value that determines when the ODBC Login dialog box is displayed.
DispWarnings69Contains a numeric value that determines when the ODBC Login dialog box is displayed.
IdleTimeout70The idle timeout interval in minutes. Timeout is checked no more than once per minute, therefore it is possible that active connections might deactivate one or two minutes later after the specified time interval has elapsed. The default value is 0 (wait indefinitely).
QueryTimeOut71The query timeout interval in seconds. The default value is 0 (wait indefinitely).
Password72The connection password.
Transactions73Contains a numeric value that determines how the connection manages transactions on the remote table.
UserId74The user identification.
WaitTime75The amount of time in milliseconds that elapses before Visual FoxPro checks whether the SQL statement has completed executing.
TimeStamp76Timestamp (internal)
DataType77The data type for a field in a view. Initially set to the data type for the field in the data source.
PacketSize78The size of the network packet used by the connection. Adjusting this value can improve performance. The default value is 4096 bytes (4K).
Database79The name of the server database specified with the DATABASE clause in the CREATE CONNECTION command or in the Connection Designer.
Prepared80Contains True (.T.) if SQL statements are prepared for subsequent REQUERY( ) function calls. REQUERY( ) is used to retrieve data again for a SQL view. See SQLPREPARE( ) for additional information about preparing SQL statements. The default is false (.F.).
CompareMemo81Contains true (.T.) (default) if memo fields (of type Memo, General, or Picture, or, for remote views, type Timestamp) are included in the WHERE clause for updates; otherwise, contains false (.F.).Read/write.
FetchAsNeeded82If True (.T.), data is fetched only when needed, such as when record pointer moves to a row that has not been fetched. If False (.F.), additional data is fetched during idle time. (Default)
Unknown_8383Not defined
OfflineRecs84When this property is found the table is offline. The Path property then returns the OffLinePath
OfflineRemRecs85# of remote records offline.
DBCEventFileName86Relative path and filename of external program file containing DBC Events code. (C)
DBCEvents87Enabled state of DBC Events. Set to True (.T.) to enable. (L)
AllowSimultaneousFetch88Applies when using remote views, a shared connection, and to cursors created using ODBC.
DisconnectRollback89Specifies if a pending transaction is committed or rolled back when SQLDISCONNECT( ) is called for the last connection handle.
OffLine99Is the table offline (this is not stored as a real property but derived from the extistence of the properties OfflineRecs, OfflineRemRecs and Path.
ColumnName100X# Column Name property (not persisted in DBC)
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