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PrintingDevice Class (Typed)

Create an object that allows you to set up the printing device for an application. It also allows you to invoke the standard dialog box to configure a default printer and change values, such as changing the page orientation or paper source.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  XSharp.VO.SDK
Assembly:  XSharp.VOGUIClasses (in XSharp.VOGUIClasses.dll) Version: 2.19
 CLASS PrintingDevice INHERIT VObject
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The PrintingDevice type exposes the following members.

Public methodPrintingDevice
Construct a PrintingDevice object.
Public propertyCopies
Specifies the number of copies printed if the device supports multiple-page copies.
Public propertyDevice
Specifies the printer device to be used.
Public propertyDriver
A string representing the printer driver to be used.
Public propertyLandScape
Public propertyOrientation
Specifies whether the orientation of the paper is portrait or landscape.
Public propertyPaperHeight
Specifies paper length, in tenths of a millimeter.
Public propertyPaperSize
Specifies the size of the paper to print on.
Public propertyPaperWidth
Specifies paper width, in tenths of a millimeter. This parameter overrides the paper width specified by the dmPaperSize member.
Public propertyPort
Specifies the default port setting for the printer.
Public methodDestroy
Provide a method to de-instantiate a PrintingDevice object.
(Overrides Destroy.)
Public methodCode exampleDeviceCapabilities
Obtain information about the capabilities printing device.
Public methodCode exampleGetDevMode Obsolete.
Retrieve a pointer to the DevMode structure.
Public methodIsValid
Determine if a printing device is valid.
Public methodSetUp
Display the standard Windows Printer Setup dialog box, which allows the user to configure or change a default printer and set page orientation, paper size, and paper source (e.g., Manual Feed, Upper Tray, etc.).
Public methodCode exampleUpdateDevMode Obsolete.
Apply changes made to the DevMode structure to the associated device driver.
Globals and Defines
Public fieldoCargo
Cargo slot.
(Inherited from VObject.)
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