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JetServer Editor Setup

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When you press 'Setup' on the main window the following setup window is displayed:



You can set defaults here for most of the server properties.


If you specify a default database, everytime you create a new entity this database will be used.


In the field of the parent class you can specify the parent class name(s)  that will be used when you don't specify a parent classname yourself.

The default behavior of the Jetserver Editor is as follows:


For recordsets of type Table the parentclass is DaoTable
For recordsets of type SnapShot and Dynaset the DaoQuery


In the Parentclass field you can specify upto 2 fieldnames, seperated by a comma. The first name will be used for table-type recordsets, the second name for the other types of recordsets. For example: MyTable, MyQuery.

If you specify only one classname, that parentclass will be used for all kinds of recordsets.