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The MoveComplete event is called after the current position in the Recordset changes.



METHOD MoveComplete (lReason, oError, lStatus, oRecordSet )  CLASS AdoRecordSetEvents



lReason        An EventReasonEnum value that specifies the reason for this event.

oError        An Error object. It describes the error that occurred if the value of lStatus is adStatusErrorsOccurred; otherwise it is not set

lStatus        An AdoEventStatusEnum status value. When MoveComplete is called, this is set to adStatusOK if the operation that caused the event was successful, or to adStatusErrorsOccurred if the operation failed

oRecordSet        A Recordset object. The Recordset for which this event occurred




A MoveComplete event may occur due to the following Recordset operations: Open, Move, MoveFirst, MoveLast, MoveNext, MovePrevious, AddNew, and Requery. These events may occur because of the following properties: Filter, Index, Bookmark, AbsolutePage, and AbsolutePosition. These events also occur if a child Recordset has Recordset events connected and the parent Recordset is moved


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