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COM objects often use so-called enumerated types to define constants. Unfortunately this concept is not supported by Visual Objects. ADO does this as well.

Xs2Ado has included defines for all the defined constants that are available in ADO.

To be able to check and display enumerated values we have added some support functions to Xs2Ado that help to manage these enumerated types. These functions can be divided into two categories:

1.Functions that return an array with all the different values supported by an enumerated type. These functions return two-dimensional arrays where each line contains of the numeric value followed by its description.
2.Functions that allow to convert enumerated types into strings and vice versa. These helper functions use the arrays that are returned by the first category of functions.


1.  Actual Enum functions

AdoActionEnum        Action Enum
AdoAffectEnum        Affect Enum
AdoAllowNullsEnum        AllowNulls Enum
AdoAsyncThreadPriorityEnum        AsyncThreadPriority Enum.
AdoAutoRecalcEnum        AutoRecalc Enum.
AdoBookmarkEnum        BookmarkEnum.
AdoCEResyncEnum        CEResync Enum
AdoColumnAttributesEnum        ColumnAttributes Enum
AdoCommandTypeEnum        CommandType Enum
AdoCompareEnum        Compare Enum
AdoConnectModeEnum        ConnectMode Enum
AdoConnectOptionEnum        ConnectOption Enum
AdoConnectPromptEnum        ConnectPrompt Enum
AdoCopyRecordOptionsEnum        CopyRecordOptions Enum
AdoCursorLocationEnum        CursorLocation Enum
AdoCursorOptionEnum        CursorOption Enum
AdoCursorTypeEnum        CursorType Enum
AdoDataTypeEnum        DataType Enum
AdoEditModeEnum        EditMode Enum
AdoErrorValueEnum        ErrorValue Enum
AdoEventReasonEnum        EventReason Enum
AdoEventStatusEnum        EventStatus Enum
AdoExecuteOptionEnum        ExecuteOption Enum
AdoFieldAttributeEnum        FieldAttribute Enum
AdoFieldEnum        Field Enum
AdoFieldStatusEnum        FieldStatus Enum
AdoFilterGroupEnum        FilterGroup Enum
AdoGetRowsOptionEnum        GetRowsOption Enum
AdoInheritTypeEnum        InheritType Enum
AdoIsolationLevelEnum        IsolationLevel Enum
AdoKeyTypeEnum        KeyType Enum
AdoLineSeparatorEnum        LineSeparator Enum
AdoLockTypeEnum        LockType Enum
AdoMarshalOptionsEnum        MarshalOptions Enum
AdoMoveRecordOptionsEnum        MoveRecordOptions Enum
AdoObjectStateEnum        ObjectState Enum
AdoObjectTypeEnum        ObjectType Enum
AdoParameterAttributesEnum        ParameterAttributes Enum
AdoParameterDirectionEnum        ParameterDirection Enum
AdoPersistFormatEnum        PersistFormat Enum
AdoPositionEnum        Position Enum
AdoPropertyAttributesEnum        PropertyAttributes Enum
AdoRecordCreateOptionsEnumRecordCreate Options Enum
AdoRecordOpenOptionsEnum        RecordOpen Options Enum
AdoRecordStatusEnum        RecordStatus Enum
AdoRecordTypeEnum        RecordType Enum
AdoResyncEnum        Resync Enum
AdoRightsEnum        Rights Enum
AdoRuleEnum        Rule Enum
AdoSaveOptionsEnum        SaveOptions Enum
AdoSchemaEnum        Schema Enum
AdoSearchDirectionEnum        SearchDirection Enum
AdoSeekEnum        Seek Enum
AdoSortOrderEnum        SortOrder Enum
AdoStreamOpenOptionsEnum        StreamOpenOptions Enum
AdoStreamReadEnum        StreamRead Enum
AdoStreamTypeEnum        StreamType Enum
AdoStreamWriteEnum        StreamWrite Enum
AdoStringFormatEnum        StringFormat Enum
AdoUpdateCriteriaEnum        UpdateCriteria Enum
AdoXactAttributeEnum        XactAttribute Enum


2.  Helper functions

AdoEnum2StrTranslate a Enum value to a string
AdoStr2EnumTranslate a String value to a Enum value